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Navigating Quicker Path to R&D Monetization

What we offer



Enable s you  beat the competition by leveraging highly skilled, low-cost FTEs  that act as extension of your own team.



Enables  you  spot opportunity early and prevent costly mistakes at early stage of your discovery program.



Enables you  create that perfect storm attracting Investor and Regulators to look at your research.

Why JKConsulting?

Let’s accept the hard fact “the goal of all biotech & life science investors & organization is to attain monetizing event, like the power to raise capital, perform substantive r&d, license prototypes, proof of concept,  patents or commercialize products, or execute a strategic transaction”. 

JKConsulting comprises of network of consultants and service provider having deep expertise in drug discovery, development patent and company law, finance and commercialization. Enabling our clients reach a quicker path to their monetizing events


monetizing synthetic & plant derived drug leads, networked drug discovery & development support to small biotech,virtual companies & university drug discovery programs